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 What's Offered in CHINA  

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Location: BeiJing, China 
Price: $499,900 US Dollars
Property ID #: TL0306B
Single House Dimension: 
30.5m (F)
28.5m (B)
30.0m (L)

*****BEIJING, Ho An Villa 

Introduction to Ho An Villa Garden

1. Covering an area of 850 mu, Ho An Villa Garden is developed by Sanhe Zhonghe Real Estate Development Co., Ltd, with the total investment of US$200 million. Till now 84 top-quality villa buildings, a top-quality international conference center and 5 top-quality apartment buildings have been completed. Located by the Chaobai River, Ho An Villa Garden adopts embankment to make itself into a world-class water-affinitive villa community. Within the community, there are living and recreational facilities, such as a living residence surrounded by big native trees, a multi-functional international conference center with hi-tech visual communication, a top-quality community activity center, a four-season club, and a ring racecourse. Public facilities like top hotels, movie theatres, hospitals, schools, kindergartens, and carnies are all available. The shopping center can meet the production and living demand of the investors both from China and abroad. The advanced medical equipment and excellent qualifications of the doctors in the Sino-American Hospital, the People's Hospital, and Tongji Hospital are available in the hospital area. Upon its total completion, Ho An Villa Garden will have become a top living community with convenience in life, recreation, leisure and social activities.

2. With the eastward movement of the central business district, the villa has a great potential value increase. The overall planning of Beijing makes it possible for the villas in the east to have a great value of investment and residence. According to the urban planning of Beijing, the City will develop into 8 central towns from the year 2007. At present, there is no large area of villas in Yanjiao, and thus the price is not high at this early stage of development, so there is a big margin for future development. Ho An Villa Garden, as the King of Villas in the eastern suburbs of Beijing, will have a great value of succession and an infinite potential for value increase.

Long history and countless business opportunities: Located in the suburbs of Beijing during the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, Yanjiao got its name, meaning the suburbs of Beijing. Therefore, it enjoys a long history. Since the Tang and Song dynasties, it has been a place where businesses, big and small, are centered, thanks to the Chaobai River Quay and Jing-Yu Road. With bustling shops and streets as well as thriving culture, it has become the political, economic and cultural center of its region. During Kangxi Period in the Qing Dynasty, a temporary imperial palace was built in Yangjiao, where the successive emperors stayed during their visit to Dongling Tombs. Therefore, it has enjoyed the reputation of Emperors' Temporary Palace. The Development Zone in Yangjiao has accelerated its development, boasting more than 500 projects, with a total investment of RMB 14 billion yuan from both home and abroad. There are 140 projects with registered foreign investment totaling US$520 million. The five mainstay industries are electronics, biological medicine, new-type material, green food, and tourism and recreation.

3. North American style: The ms an American-style town with flexible and balanced non-symmetrical structure classic European architecture has helped to create an exotic atmosphere. The American-style architecture of conciseness and purity. Lots of native trees offer the private courtyard and the public areas some natural atmosphere. 26,000m2 of water area forms a natural ecological forest. Every spring, birds fly to the lake; wild ducks, which are the second-grade national protected animal, come to visit sometimes. The birds' singing in the forest in early morning marks the beginning of the day.

Thousands of water bank like the coast of California in USA: The garden enjoys a beautiful natural environment, with a unique water area of 26,000 m2 and a large area of yard lined with trees. The independent garden in Part A covers an area of 600 -1,400m m2. Shallow water area, with the depth of 30cm or 40cm, for children to play in the water. Deep water area, with the depth of 2m, for fishing. The central water system, with the central island as the main part, divided into the deep water area and the shallow water area.
The water between buildings is quite natural, without manmade dividing line from the back yard, but with the gentle slope of grass extending to the gate of the back yard. The connection between the back yard and the riverside grass slope forms an extension of the yard space. 10 m between buildings ensures the share of water.

5. Supporting facilities: The Activity Center has been put into use, including the gymnasium, sauna area, billiard room, table tennis room, massage and rest room, children's playground, basketball court and tennis court.

Comprehensive conference center: It has been put into use. The conference center contains a small meeting room, a medium meeting room and a multi-functional meeting room, six deluxe guest rooms, a dining hall, a bar counter, a recreational room and a little kitchen providing fast and convenient food for guests. The small meeting room can hold 15 people while the big one can hold about 70. The latter can be used for meetings, movies and tea parties. In each guest room, there is a spacious sitting room, a comfortable bedroom, a deluxe bathroom and wideband network service.

Racecourse: Beginners can learn to ride a horse in the racecourse. There are now 6 horses, which the residents can book for racing and are used for patrol around the community otherwise.

Building for drivers and housekeepers: The households' drivers and housekeepers can live in this building for the privacy and convenience of the households.

Ho An Garden is located in the Economic and Technological Development Zone of East Yanjiao, adjacent to Yaxing Science and Technology Park. It has the Chaobai River to the southwest, Huatang Golf Course and Novotel International Holiday Inn to the north, the newly built top-quality community on the left of the gate and Yaxing Science and Technology Park on the right of the gate. Right opposite to the gate is the Defending Technology Institute. Ho An boasts an elegant environment for residence.

A: Four hospitals: including the People's Hospital and Tongji Hospital.
B: Institutes and colleges: including Science and Technology Institute of North China, Management Institutes for Officials from Communications Departments, Management Institute for Officials from the Internal Affairs Ministry and Defending Technology Institute. Ten primary schools, five kindergartens and No. 8 Middle School.
C: Banks: including Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank and Agricultural Bank of China.
D: Supermarkets: including Tiankelong and Jingkelong supermarkets. Ho An is only 3 minutes' car ride from the downtown Yanjiao. 

6. Security protection system: :

1> Fence Alarm System
2>Closed-circuit television monitoring system
3>Patrolling system
4>Video talkback entrance system
5>Vehicle entry and exit system
Ho An Garden is only 30km away from Tiananmen to the west, 25km from the International Trade Center, and 25km from the Capital Airport. It has roads in four directions. The expressway from Beijing to Yanjiao leads to Villa Garden. Bus No. 930 runs between Beijing and Yanjiao. Jing-Qin Electric Railway, Da-Qin Railway and No. 102 State Road connecting Beijing and Harbin all go through Yanjiao. Ho An is 180 km from Tianjin to the south, and 260 km from Qinghuangdao to the east; therefore, it takes 30 minutes to arrive in Qianjin and two hours to reach the beach in Qinhuangdao by car from Ho An. The viaduct and the Beijing-Sanhe Light Rail under construction will "shorten" the distance between Ho An Garden and Beijing.

Please contact your coordinator for arrangement of visiting the great Ho An (Stands for HARMONY & PEACEFUL) Garden resort .

  What's Offered in USA  

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: Diana 

Location: California, USA
Price: $1,629,950 US Dollars 
Property ID #: DIC06369
5 beds, 4 baths, 1 half-baths
4286 Sq. Ft.17427 sqft
New Construction, Single Family
Built in 2005




: Nancy

Location: California, USA
Price: $789,000 US Dollars 
Property ID #: NL-031106
4 beds, 3 baths, 
2795 Sq. Ft.0.24 Acres



Item Location State Size PRICE
197 Hawaii HI 12,000 Square Feet $105,000.00
149 San Bernardino CA 2.3 Acres $123,000.00
135 Siskiyou CA 1 Lot $125,000.00
139 San Bernardino CA 5 Acres $125,000.00
179 San Bernardino CA 10 Acres $125,000.00
188 San Bernardino CA 2.5 Acres $125,000.00
157 Hawaii HI 7,500 Square Feet $125,000.00
200 Elko NV 40  Acres $125,000.00
169 Riverside CA 7.5 Acres $126,000.00
151 Los Angeles CA 1.6 Acres $127,000.00
168 San Bernardino CA 5 Acres $137,000.00
198 San Bernardino CA 4.2 Acres $137,000.00
194 San Bernardino CA 20 Acres $143,000.00
140 Riverside CA 3,800 Square feet $145,000.00
148 Los Angeles CA 2.5 Acres $145,000.00
137 Hawaii HI 1 Acre $145,000.00
143 Lassen CA 40 Acres $153,000.00
184 Lassen CA 40 Acres $153,000.00
177 Hawaii HI 60' x 135' $153,000.00
159 San Bernardino CA 23,800 Square Feet $154,000.00
138 Los Angeles CA 2.5 Acres $175,000.00
164 Los Angeles CA 2.5 Acres $175,000.00
176 Kern CA 1 Lot $175,000.00
147 Harney OR 160 Acres $195,000.00
167 Harney OR 160 Acres $195,000.00
187 Harney OR 160 Acres $195,000.00
190 Kern CA 10 Acres $245,000.00
144 San Bernardino CA 10 Acres $295,000.00
158 Los Angeles CA 4.3 Acres $295,000.00
161 Los Angeles CA 5 Acres $295,000.00
183 San Bernardino CA 5 Acres $295,000.00

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