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Dear Friends :

More than ever before, American political and economic developments are impacted by Asian Countries. Asian markets also play vital roles on how we live, work, and do business in domestic USA and worldwide. The Sino American Goodwill Association has been the most meaningful resource for gaining greater insight into this rapidly changing world.

SAGA has been leading various delegations meeting with officials/leaders in both China and Taiwan. These officials are the right contacts. It would be like coming to USA and meeting with the Vice President, Secretary of State, Federal Reserve Board Director, Governors and Mayors of New York, Boston, Chicago and Los Angeles; meetings with Leaders also include quite a menu of influential people. These are the people to see to establish venture business enterprises or international trade dealings. For anyone interested in making the right contacts for business purposes, working through SAGA is the way to go.

Once a year, SAGA publishes a Asian American Business Directory (AABD) for both CA local communities and millions of overseas Asians . SAGA works hand in hand with Asian Business Organizations and the Chinese American Chamber of Commerce (CACC) on this important document bridge between Mainstream and Asian Communities annually. It is with great pleasure that we invite you to join us as a sponsor/advertiser . As a sponsor/advertiser of our media, Your investment in the Asian American Business Directory can carry your business information and visions onto millions of readers/members of AABD and your ROI will be immeasurable.

We look forward to seeing your PAGE in the coming Year of Asian American Business Directory and we want to work closely with you in continuously forming this vital link between Sino and American businesses. Please to contact SAGA representatives for any of your business requirement needs.


Sincerely Yours,

Kenneth E. Conklin  

Kenneth E. Conklin , President


Simon Tung

Simon Tung, Co-President