Ding-Jo H. Currie, Ph.D.

 Rio Hondo College


Dr. Ding-Jo Currie, currently serving as the Assistant Superintendent/Vice President of Rio Hondo College, has been a leader in higher education for 22 years.  She obtained her Doctorate of Philosophy from the University of Southern California in International and Intercultural Education.  She also holds degrees in Math, Psychology and Counseling.  Her commitment has always been to provide quality learning environment and outcome to serve the needs of diverse communities.  

Ding-Jo believes that the dynamics of learning that produces life-changing results often do not occur within the walls of the classrooms.  She believes it is a community owned process in which business, civic organizations, faith based organizations, education institutions all have a part to play.  Therefore, her passion has been to create awareness, bring about change, and build partnerships to strengthen the educational, social, cultural, spiritual and economic environment of all people.

Ding-Jo has taken on leadership roles in many different capacities to bring about positive change.  She is a strong advocate for linking education with business/industry and government.  Ding-Jo was instrumental in the development and expansion of Rio Hondo College’s Small Business Development Center, serving the business needs of Southeast Los Angeles County.  She has also been active in international endeavors promoting international trade, women issues and educational opportunities.  She is active a many different arenas and her work won her many awards such as Women Helping Women Award, Outstanding Chinese Educator Award, Who’s Who in International Executives, etc.

Ding-Jo serves as a bridge builder between the East and the West.  She utilizes her own background and experiences to help facilitate effective communication, foster better understanding, create more balance and build stronger unity among people from different parts of the world.  She sees herself as a world citizen promoting the oneness and prosperity of mankind. 


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