Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez

46th District, California  Website Linkage

As a Member of Congress, Loretta has focused on the issues of: education, public safety & crime reduction, economic development, and protection of our senior citizens.
During her tenure, Sanchez has secured appropriations measures for her district and constituents, which total over $300 million in federal tax dollars being sent back home to Orange County. She has worked hard to improve the infrastructure and quality of life for this fast-growing suburban county through various transportation, education, environmental, and crime reduction projects.
Congresswoman Sanchez is also a member of the House Armed Services Committee. Her seat on this panel helps her bring jobs to Orange County's growing high tech industrial base. Congresswoman Sanchez also serves as Co-chair of the Democratic National Committee.

***<Goodwill/Business Trip To Asia (China, Taiwan & HongKong)***

I had the privilege of leading a goodwill/business delegation to Asia this past April. It was an incredible trip - one that was useful to the United States, and to  Orange County & California in specific.

I was accompanied on my trip by Asian Business Coalition President Simon Tung, and Ms. Anita Tu. We visited the Peoples' Republic of China (Beijing, Shanghai, Yangzhou, Shenzhen), Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Our trip was primarily designed to inform business interests in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan that there are those of us - like all of you - who would like to increase business contacts between Orange County and these countries. I don't need to tell you that there is a tremendous market in China for goods and services Orange County businesses can provide. Likewise, investment in Orange County by businesses from these countries is a healthy thing, and we should promote it. I know that you join me in realizing that the language of commerce is one that knows no boundaries. The tool of commerce can help promote freedom and democracy in China.

Our goodwill/trade trip was a great success - and I want to thank the WTOBO for helping to sponsor it. We were proud to distribute the Asian American Business Directory at every meeting we had, and I will work hard to follow up on the contacts made by us on your behalf.

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Loretta Sanchez
Member of Congress



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