Nigerian state oba - natural ruler of the territory - AbdulFatal Akonede Akamoa, awarded a Chinese citizen, Fang Yibo, as an olu (chieftain) in Nigeriaarlier last Friday in a traditional chieftain costume and crosier. It is the first time that a Chinese person has obtained this title in Nigeria. Fang was also awarded the hereditary right to control over 300,000 square meters of land and entitles to have four wives (he still prefers his Chinese wife and daughter.) . BAAMOLE means Bright envoy . 

Fang built a gas turbine power plant, Papalanto, in Ogun, Nigeria. The plant is the largest electricity project between the two countries. With the power station complete on June 2, 2007, the state finally had their first power plant.


Rain Making

Dry, DRy, DRY around the world.
In the hearts pale me.
White, Black, Yellow and Red were beautiful together.
In butterflies too, Why not you and me?
Dying, DYing, DYIng inside the goldfish bowl.
In the hearts, pale fish.
Let there be a home, with enough light.
Let there be rain, with you and me.


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 MOYAF (Mentors Of Young American Families) program
launched by WTOBO, Asian Business Coalition, US Veterans Association & allies
Simon Tung, WTOBO Chairperson, President of Asian Business Coalition, and Ken E. Conklin, President of US Veterans Association, said to the press that MOYAF is to invite experienced senior professionals and executives to assist Young Americans reaching out to the global resources. Mentors will coach and assist YAF in building up high level of skills as well as love, pride and honor in association with family, business and community services.

MOYAF Mentors possess wisdom and rich experiences in both life and various business & industries. By inviting senior citizens who have time and good gualfications to assist young Americans and their families can achieve the following:

1. Seniors will not feel lonely, bored or useless for the hours they can engage with YAF and teach and help the YAF.

2. YAF get valuable support from Seniors' wisdom and experiences on various matters .

3. Increase family strength through adding seniors values , increase USA strength and harmony as results.

4. Reducing problems resulted from unstable young family and young people .

5. The time spent caring and teaching will add value to the senior as well as the YAF.

6. The Values of the seniors reflect the same values of the parents and reinforce the core values of Citenzenship and pride in ones self.

7. The cost is small the value received is great , possible funds can be supported through corporations, governments and various foundations.

8. MOYAF can grow and branch into adding new family members such as adopting grandparents, linking with churches (& senior centers, homeless centers, . . .etc.) to help YAF baby sitting, teaching kids & teens .

9. It is a WIN, WIN for seniors, young families, communities and USA .

10. Let's do it and leave something memorable on earth.

The concepts and ideas of MOYAF are free for everyone to use . MOYAF looks for your kind support and participation, please contact , .

Joined supporting organizations are: 

WTOBO, Sino American Goodwill Association, USA Veterans Association, Vietnamese Seniors Association, Korean Seniors Association, Chinese Chamber Of Commerce, Korean Chamber of Commerce, American Culture & Education Remembrance Foundation , Voices and Votes of Silent Americans, Asian Business Coalition USA.


MOYAF  supporting organizations:      

Asian Business Coalition 
A.C.E.R.  Foundation
Asian Seniors Coalition
Voices and Votes of Silent Americans 
USA Veterans Association -NMCB-58
Korean American Federation Chapter
Vietnamese Seniors Association
Chinese American Chamber of Commerce
Asian American Culture Education Foundation
Sino American Goodwill Association  

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