Dear Simon:

Just a word of thanks for your invitation to participate in the Sino American Goodwill Association and WTOBO  trip to China.

Simon, for anyone interested in making the right Chinese Contacts for business purposes, working through your organization - SAGA & WTOBO - would be the way to go. The officials we met were the right contacts. It would be like coming to our country and meeting with the Vice President of the United States, Secretary of State, a member of the Federal Reserve Board, a Governor, and the Mayor of New York, Boston and Chicago. Quite a menu of influential people. These are the people to see to establish venture business enterprises or international trade dealings. This trip also resulted in a better understanding of each other's country as well as international relationship considerations.

Kindest personal regards,


Newton E. Miller



To Whom It May Concern:


This letter will introduce Mr. Simon Tung, An Emissary of Port of Galveston, Texas, U.S.A.

Mr. Tung is a long time business associate who is very knowledgeable in the business relationships between our countries. As such he will be exploring business opportunities on our behalf.

As an Emissary, he will pursue all elements of economic activities which will potentially increase commodity flows between our countries.

The Port of Galveston therefore introduce Mr. Simon Tung and hopes that you will extend to him all courtesies on our behalf.


Ernest Connor, General Manager
Port Authority
Port of Galveston



Dear Community Leaders :



            On behalf of Asian Business Coalition, WTOBO, Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Sino American Goodwill Association (SAGA) and allied organizations (501C3), we would like to invite you to join and lead the USA Goodwill and Business delegation trip to the People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan .


            The purpose of this eleven day visit is to increase cultural  awareness, improve understanding, political and economic relations among these three areas in one trip. The potential of this trip can create business opportunities and attract many investors to come for business working together, and increase thousands of jobs in our communities.


            We have tentatively scheduled this trip to commence from Sept. 7th till Sept. 17th each year (since it will be cold in China after September) , however, if this is not convenient for you, we also plan another trip for the April  timeframe (the following  year) . Both trips are hosted by us and your cost will be minimal compare to your potential harvest.


            For details of this ten (10) days trip which includes round trip business class air fare, all hotel and meal accommodation’s, medical, security and interpreter services, please email to info@wtobo.com  or contact my office (X-5999) directly.





Yours truly,


Simon Tung, President

Asian Business Coalition


Goodwill Ambassador, GHANA  




*References: WWW.WTOBO.com



*Simon is the current Co-President (West Coast) of  SAGA. 

*Recipient of many service awards, include but not limited to Excellent Leadership Awards from both Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez (D.) and Congressman Ed Royce (R.) .



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