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We have just come back from a trip to Asia (China) after met with world leaders (Leaders of China, President of Philippines RT., Prime Minister of South Korea, RT. Prime Minister of New Zealand, mayors & leaders from London, Paris, , . .etc.) .
Our USA Goodwill-Leaders Delegation members made many friends with world leaders and plan to conduct the program of LATTE, a similar world event,  in southern California in year 2005 . On behalf of the execution committee of LATTE, we would like to invite your leadership to co-host the program.  Attached below is the brief newsflash for your review and reference. 
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Karen Blackwell,   Tonia R. Uranga,   Curren Price      Simon Tung
Los Angeles            Long Beach          Inglewood         WTOBO, Asian Business Coalition
OC Federated Chamber of Commerce
USA Veterans Association
Recycle Black Dollar
. . . . . . . & many more to be listed
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LATTE - 2005

Date & Time: 4/11/05 09:00am - 09:00pm (Mon.)  
                         4/12/05 09:00am - 09:00pm(Tu.)
                         4/13/05 09:00am - 02:00pm (Wed.) 


Registration: Info@WTOBO.COM  


Co-founders & Co-hosts :

Asian Business Coalition
WTOBO (  )
Los Angeles, Long Beach, Inglewood,  
Asian Seniors Coalition, Recycle Black Dollar
Sino American Goodwill Association, Voices and Votes of Silent Americans , OC Federated Chamber of Commerce , 
Korean American Federation Chapter
Korean American Chamber of Commerce
LA Minority Businsess Association
USA Veterans-NMCB58 Association
Vietnamese Seniors Association
Chinese American Chamber of Commerce

<09/23/2004 USA G-L Delegation Meeting with Ms. Li and members of Overseas Chinese Federation in Beijing China> <click to see enlarged photo> .



<09/26/2004 Meeting with Mayor Dawei Ding, Chairman Yimin Luo , Philippines President Fidel Ramos (past President), Korea Prime Minister Lee, Soo Sung, Former Prime Minister Jenny Shipley, New Zealand and many other World Leaders of  Boao Mega Cities Forum > <click to see enlarged photo> .



  Kodak Theater - The place of OSCAR AWARD Ceremony  
  Encounter Restaurant - The symbol of LA by LAX  
  Disney Hotel - The Symbol of  happy world  

  Long Beach Harbor  - LB Harbor is famous for its capacity 
  Lantern Exhibition & Lion & Dragon Dance Contest  -  

  Mega City Leaders Forum -   
  Investment Executives Forum -  
  Tourism & Products EXPO - 


Registration: Info@WTOBO.COM  














Hello, World Friends !  -Tom Bradley School, Los Angeles  California  - Muhammad Nassardeen, RBD , <photo by Michael Douglas>,  picture taken before CALIFORNIA GOODWILL-LEADERS DELEGATION departured : 
click to see enlarged full size picture

My recent trip to China as a member of the delegation of nine from Southern California which was headed by Karen Blackwell, Asst. Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles; Councilman Curren Price of Inglewood; Councilmember Tonia R. Uranga of The City of Long Beach; Debra Richardson, Inglewood Businesswoman; Belal Dalati, Anaheim developer; Andy Ronquillo, President, Orange County Chamber of Commerce; Simon Tung, President of Asian Business Coalition ; and myself.

We were invited to the First High Level Forum of the World Mega Cities Development in Nantong, China by WTOBO (  ) . This trip made it very clear to me that we as African Americans have a tremendous influence on the world. The style of dress of their young people, their music and even the way they greet each other made me proud. While I was there, the China Tennis Open was held in Beijing,( the site of the 2008 Olympics) which was won by Compton's own Serena Williams. Another African American was on a very different stage while we were there. Ms. Alicia Keys dazzled her audiences in China with her beautiful voice and amazing piano skills. The world is getting smaller and smaller every day; the technology is bringing us closer together as a world community. < . . . . . more to come  . . . . . . . . . . . . > 


.Today we begin our travels to China – Governor Doyle , Wisconsin

      When I visited China in 1981, it was a sleeping giant.

Today, the giant has awakened. We cannot afford the luxury of putting our heads in the sand and ignoring China, and all of the challenges and opportunities it represents. If we do this right, growing trade between China and Wisconsin will mean a brighter, more prosperous future for all our citizens.

Let us meet the challenge, and seize the opportunity.


Today we begin our travels to China. With nearly 1.3 billion people, China is the world's most populous country. In the last quarter century, China has seen unprecendented economic growth. That growth has brought about major changes in China -- both good and bad -- and creates important new opportunities for Wisconsin businesses. For example, Wisconsin ginseng has become increasingly popular in China. As China's economy grows, they will be able to buy more of our ginseng, which will help create jobs for Wisconsin's workers. The goal of this mission is to help build personal relationships between businesspeople in China and Wisconsin -- relationships that may ultimately lead to new opportunities for us to sell more of our products to the Chinese.


I also hope that this will be an opportunity for schoolchildren in Wisconsin to learn more about China and its people. In the coming days, I'll be sending back pictures, audio clips and sharing my experiences with you. I hope you'll visit this "Governor's Blog" frequently to keep track of our progress.



"The purpose of our trip is to create new opportunities for Wisconsin businesses that may lead to new high-wage export jobs in our state," Governor Doyle said. "But this also gives us a chance for Wisconsin to learn more about China. I invite Wisconsin’s schoolchildren and others to follow along and learn about the world’s most populous country."


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