USA President George W. Bush was born on July 6, 1946.




MESSAGE FROM HN Bill Clinton (USA President 1993-2001) 

Dear WTOBO Friends:

As you may know, I've just completed a two-day visit to India on behalf of my Foundation's HIV/AIDS Initiative.  It was a productive trip, and I believe that we made important strides in our ongoing fight against this tragic disease.

I'd like to share with you my experiences from the past days: touring a factory where AIDS medication is produced, visiting a clinic to meet people living with the virus, and talking to the men and women who work every day to bring them lifesaving treatment.  My Foundation also announced a new nurse training partnership with India's National AIDS Control Organization.

Please click here to read my diary entries from the trip.  While we have made progress, we still have much more to do and countless lives to save.  You can join me and my Foundation in bringing real hope to people in need around the world.



C L I C K  to  see MOYAF Asian Business Coalition & allies launch MOYAF (Mentors Of  Young Adult & Families) program
To assist Young Adults reaching out to the global resources. Mentors will coach and assist YAF in building up high level of skills as well as love, pride and honor in association with family, business and community services. 

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MOYAF looks for your kind support and participation. Please contact info@wtobo.com , noblehouse@islc.net  . 

Wes TanakaAsian Business Coalition elected Wesley Tanaka, EDISON PR DIRECTOR,  to join WTOBO Advisory Board
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G-8 Finance Ministers meeting -- G-8 Finance Ministers at the London meeting, agreed to cancel $40 billion worth of debt owed by 18 of the world's poorest nations, most of them in Africa. 

U.S.-Central American Free Trade Agreement (FTA) that will expand and make reciprocal the market access for goods, services and agricultural products that the U.S. Congress has unilaterally granted to these six countries over the past 20 years.

Be Aware BOA might withdraw your money without your prior acknowledgement.  

One report stated that BOA reps had pretended friendly to call on small Company in digging out confidential finance details and consequently foreclose the company loan account regardless the small company has been maintaining perfect credits for more than 10 years throughout ups and downs during the years. Further, after the company dissolved, BOA continued strong legal approach to withdraw money from company executives' personal & relatives banking accounts without customers prior authorization or acknowledgement .  Public opinions feel that BOA should not digging outside document/information for banking use and even if BOA has right to do so in protecting banking assets, BOA is lacking a good heart working in the small business communities.  
-- Asian Business Coalition/WTOBO  
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Wednesday June 15, 5:19 pm ET -- 

-- Two securities brokerage arms of Bank of America Corp. have agreed to pay a total $1.5 million to settle federal regulators' charges of violating record-keeping rules by failing to preserve e-mail messages. 

To read the whole article - BOANEWS  

World Water Week August 21 - 27, Stockholm -- This annual global meeting will look at infrastructure, climate variability and water efficiency in the industrial and agricultural sectors, framing the discussions in the context of analyzing traditional, centralized systems and more decentralized approaches to collection and distribution. 


His Excellency Mr. Roh Moo-Hyun, President of Republic of  Korea meeting LA Mayor James Hahn, WTOBO Chairman and community leaders at a dinner hosted at Mayor Hahn's residence. 


NGO WTOBO chairman and USA Leaders meeting with TAIWAN PRESIDENT & Leaders  FOR Promoting Economy and World Peace *Photo provided by  INFO@WTOBO.COM  

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The Federal Reserve Board on June 23, 2005(Thursday) announced its approval of the proposal filed by Wells Fargo & Co., San Francisco, California, to acquire First Community Capital Corporation, Houston, and thereby indirectly acquire First Community Bank, National Association, Houston, and First Community Bank San Antonio, National Association, San Antonio, all in Texas.

The Appellate Body, on 27 June 2005, issued its report on the complaint of Korea against "United States - Countervailing Duty Investigation on Dynamic Random Access Memory Semiconductors (DRAMS) from Korea" 

The report, "Philippine Environment Monitor"
A Bank report concludes that the Philippines is blessed with a rich diversity of natural resources, yet population pressures and long-term neglect of the environment have strained ecological systems. Better management of the environment would not only result in improved quality of life for Filipinos, but could also produce higher economic growth. The report, "Philippine Environment Monitor 2004 -- Assessing Progress," estimates annual economic losses caused by water pollution at US$1.3 billion and lack of management of fisheries resources at US$420 million. The increased health costs of exposure to air pollution in four urban centers alone are estimated to be over US$400 million.

Malaysia to Push Forward Biofuel Policye Malaysian Palm Oil Board and Golden Hope Plantations Bhd one of the Malaysian largest palm oil producers, have collaborated in setting up a US $11million plant to produce up to 5,000 tons of palm fuel for export every month, which is to be completed by the end of next year.  Both Japan and Germany have expressed interest in purchasing biofuel from Malaysia. 

COSMETICS & SKIN CARE - in Vietnam  
The cosmetics sector in Vietnam is in the early stages of development. Presently, the sale of cosmetics and beauty products is largely uncontrolled and is plagued by a wide range of fake, mislabeled, and smuggled products. The Vietnamese cosmetics market is, therefore, highly price sensitive and full of cheap knock-offs, both of which are potential hurdles for international cosmetic giants who may wish to enter the market but who usually offer their products at premium prices. The 2004 Vietnamese market share of cosmetics products sourced from foreign nations is as follows: Korea - 30%, Japan - 17%, EU - 23%, US - 10%, Thailand - 13%, and Others - 7% 

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Foreign Hospitals in Foreign Economic Zones in Korea from 2008

Korea's National Assembly passed revisions to the Act on Designation and Management of Foreign Economic Zones (FEZ) on December 31, 2004, which took effect as of April 1, 2005. The amendments include provisions that allow native Koreans to receive medical services at foreign-run hospitals in free economic zones to be located in Inchon, Pusan, and Kwangyang. Initially, the Korean government hopes to attract world-class foreign-managed hospitals to the Incheon free economic zones. 

Korea is developing free economic zones in three port cities - Inchon, Pusan, and Kwangyang - as part of the government's goal of becoming a hub for business, finance and logistics for Northeast Asia. The amended Act allows general hospitals, dental clinics and recuperation facilities to be established by foreigners or foreign corporations in the special economic zones. These facilities will also be open to servicing local Korean patients, who will pay out-of-pocket. Pharmacies operating in the zones, however, will not be allowed to sell medicine to Koreans.

international volunteers NEEDED
The newly-launched MOYAF needs volunteers to assist centers of young families in designing and implementing communication and fundraising strategies, and teaching skills.     Click to see MOYAFClick to see MOYAF

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ALIMAMA WELCOME 2:  American Cuture & Education Remembrance Foundation



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Salute Mrs. Coretta Scott King (1927 -2006) 

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*For a single check , after more than 32 weeks of investigation conducted by customer alone, the SWISS bank did not fix the problems for customer but also has alleged US Postal Services as the trouble maker. By checking with USPS, the similar problems occurred usually from senders mailroom to receivers mailroom, not with USPS since USPS has tracking number system and very high customer service standards .

*The SWISS bank has issued and stopped multiple replacement checks not in chronological timing sequence. It is questionable whether the SWISS banking systems are reliable. *The SWISS bank did not admit its mistakes or remedy damages during the 13+ weeks of investigations conducted by customer alone. *The SWISS bank has denied a long time customer's requests to investigate the case. The SWISS bank did not in time trying to protect customers' rights and services. The SWISS bank has caused customer service dissatisfaction and punitive damages over the case. A lot of time has been wasted as customer tried to look for help resources and to investigate the case.

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Lee, Kuan Yew, Minister Mentor and passed Prime Minister of Singapore 
Renaissance is a revival of learning and culture, of intellectual and artistic achievement and vigour, and of peace, prosperity. 

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Dr. Lee, Xin-Min (4/17/1915 - 12/12-2004)  
Remembrance: The picture of NCU President Dr. Xinmin Lee, and Valedictorian Simon Tung (WTOBO Chairman) in 1976. 

The Federal Reserve Board Announce Financial Institution Enrollment Schedule for Central Data Repository

The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) Call Report agencies--the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (FRB) and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC)-- today announced the schedule for financial institutions to enroll in the Central Data Repository (CDR). The CDR is a new Internet-based system created to modernize and streamline how the agencies collect, validate, manage, and distribute financial data submitted by banks in quarterly "Call Reports." The new system is scheduled for implementation for the third quarter 2005 Call Report and will be the only method available for banks to submit their Call Reports.

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Renewable energy system (info@wtobo.com ) :   The Green Energy Power System  is an advanced environmental technology that treats community trash (include waste auto tires) and turning them into reusable resources. The GEPS is a global renovation which can, without producing secondary pollution, efficiently categorize the community trash and turn them into fuels (electricity), and recover devulcanized rubber and steel bands from waste tires by use of the advanced pyrolysis process (USA patented). 
Discovery Networks has promoted ANDREA KOLB from sales manager to vice president/national sales manager to oversee advertising sales efforts for Discovery Times Channel, Discovery Home Channel, Military Channel, The Science Channel, Discovery HD Theater, Discovery Kids Channel, and Discovery Kids on NBC. In her new role, Kolb serves as the advertising sales liaison to various divisions within Discovery Networks and is responsible for the development of key pricing strategies and sponsorship opportunities. Prior to joining Discovery, Kolb spent five years as an account executive for Turner Broadcasting and three years in the same capacity at ABC Family. 

Market News 

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South Coast Chinese 
Cultural Center - April 24, 2005  
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GGN (GoodGuysNetwork) & GPSCHINA.NET Launched Family & Students Protection System combined RFID, GPS, UIC, . .technologies , to service and protect family members, students, executives, employees anytime, anywhere.  GGN-FASP is offering special package & price.

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Met with Ambassador Zhou WenZhong and Overseas Chinese Federation in BeiJing  

Met with Mayor Dawei Ding, Chairman Yimin Luo , Philippines President Fidel Ramos (past President), Korea Prime Minister Lee, Soo Sung, Former Prime Minister Jenny Shipley, New Zealand and many other World Leaders of  Boao Mega Cities Forum . 


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